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I have never done this before but what the heck. My husband and I are moving to Mexico next year and are so ready! We are coming down the 18th of Oct for a week to PV and we are going to be looking at properties in Bucerias and around there. We are so looking forward to no more winters! Any one on line to let me know that I have done this right?

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Hi Kim: I have been living here in Bucerias for almost four years, before that San Miguel de Allende. It´s such a wonderful day when you can give away your old winter blankets and coats (there´s a local nonprofit looking for these items--check out our yahoo group below)..

We have a yahoo group in Bucerias you may want to join. It´s If you have any questions specific to Bucerias, you can ask there.

Please feel free to write me about anything. I love living in Mexico.

Welcome to a very special group (expats living in Mexico) and I hope a very special town (if you settle in Bucerias). Susan Rowe (not sure I´m doing this right either--first time on this kind of site.)
Yes you have done this correct. Where do you live right now?
How exciting! No more winters indeed :)
Yes, you've done this right! I doubt you will have any regrets. My suggestion is to learn as much Spanish as you can before you arrive. My method is to watch the Hispanic TV stations, including the news, to be able to speak the language as best as possible (forget making mistakes, just do it!) in all your conversations, transactions, etc. Learn to count in pesos....if you try, they wil help you. You're going to be in Mexico, speak the language, learn the pesos, be a part of the culture. It is a wonderful, exciting, life ahead of you. Jump in, enjoy and tell others about the wonderful people, food, music, culture and your happiness.
Your going to love it. Quality of life is the bonus. You must have patience ...its the hurry up and wait syndrome. Stop by Philos in La Cruz Have fun Sandy
Yes you did it right. Change is special when you mold with someone you enjoy.
Hi Kim,
Yes, you're doing the right thing. Just get your patos (ducks) in order with the visas and the moving, but you will love it and never regret the move!
I suggest you do some research on the town at Best of Bucerias

It's a great town, much less crowded then Puerto Vallarta. Everything you need here!
We love the little town of Bucerias. Except for the roads. The people are friendly and we walk around the town and square into the we hours with no problem. My husband and I rent in Los Amores where we owned for a couple of years.
Kim, We have a 2br house 4km from the ocean in Mezcales. It is brand new, only used by us for 10 days or so. If you are interested in renting or buying, let us know because we arfe building another house in Penitas to be nearer our daughter who lives there. rental is about $275/month or buy the house for $40k. frank and ania

Hola, do you still have your casa in Mezcales?

Yes we do.  Just cut the grass in front last week.  We are now in La Penita bilding another small house near our daughter and family.    you can call me at 322-278-1356


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