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I have never done this before but what the heck. My husband and I are moving to Mexico next year and are so ready! We are coming down the 18th of Oct for a week to PV and we are going to be looking at properties in Bucerias and around there. We are so looking forward to no more winters! Any one on line to let me know that I have done this right?

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Good Morning Frank,

Tks for sending your # and I will try and give you a call.

Is Mezcales south of P.Vallarta?  I was trying to find it on the map and do you have

photos of your place too?

tks again

candie, it is 10 minutes north ov PV airport,  I will send some photos if you give me your e'mail adr.    frank

Frank - I see this is an old post. I am sure you sold your home. Would you know of anyone who rents?

I am coming down in Spring '15. I know sometimes good rentals are not posted on regular real estate websites. Nothing fancy - a small space where I can gather some info during my short stay. Thank you. Pia

we still have it for sale  $32,000 or rent long term at $2000/year    frank

Really! Well if you would please stay in touch with me. I have obligations thru early '15 and hope to get down there by March. 

I would like to rent for now. i had a short sale on my home up here in NJ >ouch< My needs are simplicity and peace. I am an artist and would like to volunteer time w/groups who help children and women in particular - families in need. 

My email:

Thanks for getting back to me. Regards, Pia

Wow, Kim! Do you realize that that 2 years ago this week you made that trip to PV as the start to a new life. Thought it was neat that I found it today on Mexico-My Space.

I am gladt that you are a member of our CommUNITY and that you're ready to take the plunge.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Too many people are afraid to do as you are doing because they listen to their friends tell horror stories.

I AM ALSO overjoyed over the NUMBER OF RESPONSES YOU HAVE received from our members.

I am George Puckett, founder of Mexico-My Space, AKA/FounderDude


Is it still working out for you? I started to answer and then realized your first post was TWO years ago.


Yes I believe we have done the right thing. I am moving on Febr. 1 to Playa del Carmen. We just closed on our condo

purchase and I am so happy and exited.  We looked at many real estate properties in PV but decided later to buy in

Playa del Carmen. The caribbean ocean and beaches are so beautiful. All around PDC are small fishing villages, Cancun

is just 45min. away and a major international city.

Please update me on your living in PV is going for you



Don't forget those 2 neat Apps from Ortsbo. They translate text messages or allow side by side chats instantaneously translating the conversation. I have found their translation performance and accuracy to be the best right now.

Very smart choice. Just on the point of growing yet still away from mega-tourist centers. We're smack dab middle of Guadalajara and we love it just as "home". The beaches must wait.

•Come by Lolita's if you get to Ajijic, Mexico.  We didn't want cold anymore, either!  We don't like hot, hot like P.V. so we settled on a beautiful retirement area . We don't need heating or cooling because our temps here are moderate all year round.    We have long and short term Apts. and king guest rooms.    We are a small Boutique Inn.

The Inn is also for sale.  

 Mexico, Ajijic ($699,000.00 USA/firm, we have our receipts, some furniture goes with/ask for list ) nestled in the mountains on the largest lake in Mexico. Lolita's Inn/Gallery a boutique Inn with 4 suites, with full kitchens-Living rooms-bed room, 1 master/owner suite with commercial Kitchen that could be used as a resturant. 1 guest room with king bed bath (no Kitchen but can use the outdoor full kitchen) Outdoor hot tub, kitchen, garden enclosed shower. Garage/house keepers area. Great for retirement to supplement your income. Gallery could be used for sales of any kind but we have had Artist openings and gleaned most of our guest rentals from there. Some long term, some short nightly rentals. A remodel that we just used a couple of walls and everything else is brand new. Pipes/electric/steel. Our building is build to withstand an 8. earth quake. Our builder is a structural engineer, so he wanted the best. We have a spiral stair case to the roof in case some one wants to put a mirador. There is a panoramic view of the lake and mts from there.
Web site will be up at the end of July 2012. We have stayed mainly full by word of mouth. Ajijic is the fastest growing retirement area in the world. Mail:

Hi Kim!  I left the US just to backpack through Mexico and Central America- that was 8 years ago!  While I have to say I have had some ups and downs living in Mexico, I wouldn't trade it for the world!  The quality of life here is second to none!


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