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We are not at our condo in San Carlos yet this year. The Northern press tells a tale that is grim about the killings and no law. What do you think? It has to be killing the value of the real estate. When we say we are going down to Mexico 100% of the people we say that to as: "Are you afraid?" What is the real story in your world there?  Jock Barker

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I live six months of the year in the state of Michoacan.The other six in Baja California Sur.  Michoacan is continually listed in U.S. Department of State bulletins, as dangerous. ( Along with Chihuauhua and a couple of other states.  I DO NOT FEEL THREATENED!) Mind you we had a problem on December 7th. A Capo was taken down in MICH. The cartel went crazy. Since then nothing major.

I say to Foreigners, " they are not shooting people who look like us." This is  war with Mexicans fighting and killing other Mexicans. There were foru Canadians shot in 2009. ALL OF THEM WERE INVOLVED IN THE DRUG TRADE

I was at a meeting of business people here in La Paz, last evening. We vowed to get out the positive stories about Mexico. This is to counter stories in the media such as the L.A. Times and FOX News. FOX is talking about thing that happened in the past. ( The same way they like to speak of the realtionship between President Obama and Rev. Wright. Speaking of Presidents, Pres. Calderone was recentntly in Puerto Vallarta with a CBS Travel reporter. They were doing a story about it being safe in Vallarta.

About FEAR. Why do we take off our shoes at airport security??? FEAR!!


I love the commercial promoting Colombia... " The only fear in coming to Colombia is the fear that you may not wish to leave."

So if you and others want to be intimidated by the " Northern press" that is your loss. Meanwhile I love being here, in two different states!!!

I feel the same way. How can the PR be changed?

This is where the Mexican $ needs to go to promote how great it is. Jock

Check out this article in the SF Chronicle.  Interesting reading.  Mexico is just like anywhere else, there are some that are great and some that don't feel right.  We have lived in La Paz for 8 years and aways felt safe.  Never regretted our move.



Thanks for bringing this article to the attention of others. As I said in my article above, I live six months each in La Paz, B.C.S. and six in MIchoacan. The latter is given sepcial attendtion by the U.S. Department of State. There are a few pueblos that I would avoid. ( Just as certain neighourhoods, at night in Detroit, Miami, L.A., Rio and Amsterdam.)

In recent months certain media suuch as Reuters, the L.A. Times (It hurts them to print anything good anout Mexico, like the San Diego newspapers they would sooner keep the U.S. $$$'s at home.

Finally much has been written about how to act as a visitor to this great country. Not to make a big splash as an "Ugly Gringo(a)"  

Lived in Mazatlan for three years and love it. Things do happen, but they happen just as frequently in the U.S. but we are so inured to it, there is no impact. Here it seems more dramatic. I am never, never afraid, ever. Google to see how many gringos are killed in a year....if any..compared to killings, random, in the U.S. Live your life to the fullest, then go back and tell all the naysayers what a wonderful time you had! '-)

What if we all wrote a good report and sent it to the papers in the North stating just how nice and good it here? That would help our values the Mexicans so very much.

We are credible the press is not.


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