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My husband and I are wanting to move to Cabo next year, rather quickly. But we need a lot of information. so if you can answer any of these questions please respond.

#1- what visa do you need to live in Mexico and work?

#2- He is in Bolivia, from your experiences will that pose a problem for him getting to Mexico?

#3- I am currently a veteran hair stylist in Washington but don't know if I need to have a license to get a job doing hair in Mexico. So, do I need a to apply for a cosmetology license to do hair there? If yes, can you please point me in the right direction to get it?

#4- What is worth purchasing in the US and bringing in? And what is best to purchase in Mexico?

#5- How much does it cost to insure a car and get the proper licensing down there?

#6- What is the safest and yet least expensive area to live in Cabo?

#7- We have been thinking about getting a PUR or Brita filtration system that hooks onto the faucet. Will this work down there?

Thank you,

The Salvatierras

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Since I provide answers to these types of questions periodically, I have the answers readily available.


1, 2). Once you arrive in Mexico, you will be issued a temporary visa. If you plan to work, you will need to obtain a visa through immigration that allows you to work. You can find lots of information on this subject and most of the others here: 

3).  There is no cosmetology license requirement that I know of. If you plan to work for one of the resorts, they will require you to have a issued license from the States, which will also be required by immigration for your work permit. This also applies if you are going to start your own business. 

4). If you can be more specific with question 4, it would help.  

5). Liability insurance is now required by law here in Mexico to operate a vehicle. For more information on rates, etc. go here: Send Cathie Smith an email and let her know I referred you. 

6). All of Los Cabos is very safe. The media hype and sensationalism regarding safety in Mexico is overblown. Here is a website on safety in Mexico to help you.   

7). The filtration systems you mentioned will work well. There's also many other options for water filtration here as well. 

I am here to help. Please send me an email if you need additional information. 

Keith Williams

Windermere Real Estate | Los Cabos

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 23455

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