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To all U.S. and Canadian retirees over 50 years of age living in coastal communities in Mexico:

I work for the International Community Foundation, a 501c3 charity in the U.S. that makes grants in Mexico and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Last year, ICF granted over $5 million to local nonprofits in arts/culture, education, community development, environment, and health and human services.

Right now, we are working on a project called "Retiring Responsibly Abroad." We are trying to locate U.S. retirees that are living in Mexican coastal communities full- or part-time and are over 50 years of age to take the survey.

Would you be willing to help us publicize the survey? You can link to it at Please don't hesitate to ask questions to me at or through this website.

best regards,
Anne McEnany
Senior Advisor, Conservation Program
International Community Foundation

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Soap Box Time

I don't understand why there have been no replies to this discussion. When Ann joined my interest was piqued. I went to the International Community Foundation website and studied it.

I also went to the Charity Navigator. There was a link but I was already familiar with this organization.
Charity Navigator is an independent charity evaluator and their goal is "to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of over 5,400 of America's largest charities."
You may follow this link, to see how this organization was rated by the Charity Navigator organization.

Their project, "Retiring Responsibly Abroad" seems to be very interesting. All retirees may reap some benefits from this survey once it is completed. However, participation is necessary. Were I living in Mexico right now, I would be using this project as a fundraiser for some worthwhile cause. With the economy of Mexico suffering as it has been in the last year, I;m certain you could find some worthy cause no matter where you are in Mexico.

Perhaps some of you have communicated with Anne privately and that's good but lets participate and raise some money with this program for the needy.

George Puckett
George, thanks for your help in publicizing the International Community Foundation's survey! If you look at our website -- -- under the "funds" section of the menu, you will notice that ICF has over 50 "Friends of" funds for local charities in Mexico, so that people can donate to their favorite (and local) nonprofit from anywhere and still receive a tax deduction for that gift.

I would be happy to provide more information on any of the groups listed on that list to anyone that is interested. We would with many individuals who contribute gifts small and large. I'm always available to hear about new projects, worthy charities, and of course, ideas for raising funds for good programs and institutions.

Best regards,
Anne McEnany
Senior Advisor, Conservation Program
International Community Foundation

There was also an article in today's Bahia de Banderas News. It's all about Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding communities around Banderas Bay. They enjoy a pretty good circulation and many of their articles are picked up by Google and re-published.

George P
Hello Anne,
Even although I am a Canadian, I am replying. I live in La Paz for six months and in Uruapan, Michoacan for the other six. Your work in La Paz ( and B.C.S.) is greatly appreciated.
Surely, hope people will get involved in your project. Please keep up the good work.
Dear John,

Canadians are certainly eligible to take the survey! Although the focus of our research is U.S. retirees, there is a substantial population of Canadians in Mexican coastal communities as well. We plan to incorporate this information as we publish. Please connect to it at if you are interested. It should take about 20 minutes.

Anne McEnany
Ann, were you able to get this on the Tomatoes? I haven't noticed it in the daily digest. Also, your friend (I'm having a midlife moment, very attractive woman in Los Cabos who was on radio with me after Jimena publicizing your help) could get BACK on the radio to announce the survey?
No, I did try to reach out to the Tomatoes woman but I haven't heard back. Should I try again? I don't know who that was on the radio -- was it Carrie Duncan? She agreed to do some outreach work for us on the survey through the Gringo Gazette... Thanks for the helpful suggestions!
I would try Sandra again, and please let me know if she doesn't get back to you.
No, I know Carrie and it wasn't here. Claudia Velo?
still no word from Sandra. And I don't know who the other person could be! But, I'm pleased that folks are talking about the survey. We are up to 484 respondents, but we still need over 100 more!
ICF does so much for us in Baja California Sur. Yesterday, i attended an event on behalf of the proposed new Cultural Center in Los Barilles. Local La Paz developer, Carlos Estrada is donating the land. It is going to be such an asset and allow extranjeros and ninos to get together and participate various cultural and artistic activities. This summer there was a day camp for young Mexicans at the Colina del Sol Club House, courtesy of the developer..
I had the pleasure of renewing my acquantance with Richard Kiy, President of ICF.
Please help with the survey.
I will place a link to your website which is all about Mexico. My plan is to retire in Lake Chapala within 10 years.
I am still working in Caifornia and should circumstances expedite my plan, I am willing. Age 57 currently. Gracias.


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