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Whether you live in Mexico, Canada or the US, I would like to know your preference for VOIP- Internet phone calls.

I have tried Skype & Magic Jack. I found that Magic Jack worked quite well using my cable modem but when I tried it using my Verizon wireless modem the quality was less than satisfactory.

I went to Skype. I promote Skype on the site because I felt that it was the best. There is no hardware required, although I purchased a handset for privacy. It works perfectly with my Verizon modem and my Net Computer. You can have video chat with Skype and you can send files. However, I have a lot of contacts appearing on my contact list. I also receive many amorous offers from ladies. I delete those contacts.

I have never used Vonage because the monthly investment in the service is much greater than Skype or Magic Jack. However, Vonage has now started advertising a new program with mostly free International calls. However, if you are making excessive calls they will assume you are a business.

I believe they call the new program Vonage World. They now have a smaller piece of hardware to connect between your phone and computer. This is something you can carry in your pocket and it doesn't seem much larger than the Magic Jack, so Vonage is now poprtable.

Which service do you have, Vonage, Skype or Magic Jack or do you have some other totally different service?

George P

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I have all 3, Magicjack, Vonage and Skype. For over 3 years I have tested each one. After all my personal testing, and asking for other's input, I have found that a simple answer (at least in Rocky Point with the crummy Telmex expensive internet service) that the VOIP that you have works only as good as your internet will allow.
I used all 3 when I was in Arizona using cable internet. They are all better there and the cable service is cheaper. Telmex is a monopoly so we had to increase the bandwidth and STILL are not receiving what we pay for. Our tekkie guy is looking into a new cable internet here in Penasco, at least we hope it's here, we'll dump Telmex internet right away.
We have Telemex local service and DSL. We use Magic Jack and Skype. The Magic Jack allows friends and family to call us using the local US number and use skype mostly for video grandma call. Quality is about equal, I prefer the magic jack using a hand set to the headset of skype. A bonus was during Jemenia the handset worked when power was out.
Had Vonage, now use Magic Jack. We have Telmex DSL in downtown Cabo and Hughesnet satelite at our ranch. Nothing owrks on the satelite; you have to speak in single syllables. And when the Telmex system is under heavy use such as every day during the after siesta. we get sketchy service. Vonage used to just fade away after a few minutes even during good hours of service.
But I have settled on the Magic jack because it is cheap, reliable, extremely portable, can be carried in your pocket and plugged in to any computer that has broadband internet service.
Hi Doug, if you want something that will likely work when you are out of town and with out a Telmex hook up
(at your ranch) I would suggest trying Skype. You can download it for free to start with. Then, if you want to use the phone service you simply buy a minimal amount of time (I do it in $15.00 increments and that usually lasts me for a year or more) and use it when you are out there. You can get a virtual phone number for other folks to call you but it is not as effective and you have to have the computer turned on when they phone you. Assuming your upload and download speeds are reasonable from the sat system it should work without any hitches and best of all is you don't need to carry anything with you, it is on your laptop or PC once you have downloaded it. For best results tho, purchase a boom mike head set that you can plug into your system. I got mine down there (A Logitec unit) and I leave it in our condo in San Jose.
Hope this helps you out a bit.
Bob Phippen
We use Skype & Magic Jack both, I really like the Skype Certified phone from, this model

I've have more than a few of these, very durable. Sound quality is superb and the software integrates with Skype. The thing I really like about skype is the ability to make conference calls, with up to 4 people. An for some reason if we can't communicate vebally then there is always the text feature, which Magic Jack does not have. And I can use Skype to dial a land line. So for us, using the phone I mentioned above, gives us total flexability to communicate. A wireless handset might be better.
One time we assisted a critically injured man in the "bush" in West Africa and all they were able to do was Skype Text.
He have to be air-evacuated from medical reasons, by his co-workers. The speed of the link just wasn't of the quality to have a voice conversation.
So we like Magic Jack and the voice quality but can't communicate via text with it, or send them files. Also 3 way calling is do-able but just not clean or easy to do at all with Magic Jack (no flash button)

Kind Regards,
Tony Hamrick
International Insurance-Seguros
Skype: tdhamrick
I've been using skype when I travel for the past year. Computer to computer is free, plus if you have a camera you can see each other. There were some glitches getting started, but after that, it was a dream. It makes you feel closer to those far away. You can call phones or cell phones for a minimal charge too.

Where I'm staying now there is Vonage. She likes it, I like it to make calls to the States, but I know there is a fee.
SKYPE all the time. I have not used any other program, so it wouldn't be fair to compare. I promote SKYPE in my ebook and have never been disappointed. I buy time instead of a subscription because I only make four or five calls to non skype poeple each month and at 2 cents a minute for most it is very inexpensive.
I use Skype for traveling to and from Mexico and while at timeshares and hotels. I just talk into my computer or use a small mike headset if there are people nearby that would be bothered. I use the $2.95 unlimited monthly calls when I know I will be using it often and pay as you go when I don't. I also use Vonage with the area code of my family so they can call toll free when I am set up someplace with a modem that can be hard wired. We are retired and spend time in Minnesota in the summer and Mexico and Arizona in the winter. With Skype you need to be on line to receive calls whereas with Vonage You just need a modem. The two work really well for us.
There is a new service that is available for $100 forever and plugs right into your router or computer. I just posted a blog about it on my Mexico Real Estate Blog
HI. We use Vonage at our office and both Skype and Magic Jack at our home . Both locations have DSL.
I often find, in the afternoons, that the quality of our Vonage deteriorates. I assume that is due to heavier traffic on our local ISP.
At home, both Skype and Magic Jack hooked up through the same computer, I have found Magic Jack to have far superior reception. We only keep Skype, now, for the video feature. Have to get a look at those grand-kids.

We have been having a lot of problems with our magic jack lately. I have had it for two years and its worked great until recently. I am wounder if it is our Magic-Jack or our ISP. I just ordered a competitor service to magic jack called nettalk to see if it works better. I will let you know as soon as it comes


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