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Tomorrow will be the first meeting of the newly combined AMPI LOs Cabos/MLS Los Cabos. In addition to the TOMA ( Swearing in of Officers) there will be special presentations. Particating will be Mitch Creekmore and Steve Goddardy ( Head of Escrow) for Stewart Title International. Joining them on the podium will be Linda Neil, ABR, CIP. She is the founding President of AMPI Los Cabos. Linda served twice on the AMPI National Advisory Board. ( 2000-2002 and 2006-2008.) Stay tuned for more.

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It was a good, informative meeting today and we all got a chance to see another excellent development. The thing I love best about AMPI meetings (and believe me, normally I'd rather perform home dentistry than get up early to sit in a meeting) is all the energy from the young Mexican agents. They're our future, and it's looking good!
This is the appropriate place for the discussion of AMPI. I don't think it needs to be on the "wall".
I don't understand what meeting is going to be able to answer questions. The La Paz meeting?
Usually, AMPI Los Cabos meets on the Second Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Not sure where it will be, next week.
I hope Arq Eduardo Mendoza, President of La Paz will be there. If so, perhaps he will report on the work plan for AMPI National in 2010, ( He was at the TOMA and Presidents of Sections meeting, in D.F. a couple of weeks ago.) including plans for a new Training and Statistics Institute. It is my understanding that INEGI will be working and cooperating with AMPI.
John, I heard the meeting this month will be at the Bistro in Pedregal.... that's the little restaurant adjacent to the tennis courts.
Thanks Carol. I will try to make it down there.
I can't find any minutes of any meetings on AMPI Los Cabos site. My concerns stand as stated.

John K. Glaab, CIPS Comment by John K. Glaab, CIPS 1 day ago
You are correct Carol. This issue, concerning AMPI Los Cabos should properly be discussed at an AMPI meeting. It is a wast of time for too many people when there are more catholic issues to be discussed. So in short, I will refrain from any more public comments on the licensing initiative.

Carol Billups Comment by Carol Billups 1 day ago
Just a thought here, folks, actually two.
1- shouldn't this discussion be in the Real Estate group as a new forum? and
2- perhaps it would help if we try to specify when something is the writer's opinion and wishes versus an official policy of the organization.
I can't recall, but I think FD started this group and it was supposed to be about the destination: what's happening, why it would be so cool to come visit, etc. Not that any groups can't morph into whatever the members want, I guess. Any clarification on that gratefully accepted.

Cheryl Miller Comment by Cheryl Miller 1 day ago
Every member of AMPI is welcome top voice their opinion. Attendance to the meetings, or reading the meeting minutes posted on our Los Cabos AMPI website also will keep you informed. These issues are under investigation and participation from any voting member is encouraged.
Of copurse, the best way to be informed and to voice opinions is participation in the monthly meetings.

John K. Glaab, CIPS Comment by John K. Glaab, CIPS 1 day ago
Thanks Douglas. I was disappointed NOT to see you at either of the first two meetings of the organization that now represents the industry in Los Cabos.
Te January meeting was historic as the new officers took their place. It also included an educational segment and a tour of a new development.
Following his inauguration as National President of AMPI, Hector Obregon from Leon, GTO held a meeting of local Presidents of Sections. At his first meeting, he urged the new Presidents to work closely with their Regional Coordinators. In the case of B.C.S. that person is in Mazatlan. Each Presidnet received a CD with the work plan and goals for National in the year 2010.
It was in that spirit that Arq., Eduardo Mendoza, new President of AMPI La Paz ( who attended the TOMA and Presidents meeting) and I made the effort to drive down to Cabo San Lucas for the February meeting. It was a pleasure for me to see so many old friends. I was a founding member of AMPI Los Cabos and served as a Consejero for a decade. I helped the Section grow and have written and continue to write many articles that have been published far and wide including NAR International.
As for spokespersom ... AMPI is open and transparent. It is democratic, so anyone can speak out. As I have said, before. I use my many years of public relations experience to support AMPI and our real estate industry.
For your information I am the Coordinator for the AMPI National page on Facebook.
Hope this helps you understand better the progress that AMPI is making in our state and at the National level. ( As well as the International level through world-wide affiliations.)

Doug Christensen Comment by Doug Christensen on February 15, 2010 at 6:44pm
It would be most interesting if the general membership of AMPI could get updates- from AMPI- on the types of activities that Mr. Glaab mentions.
Seems like the actual people most affected by licensing, the agents and brokers, have the least knowledge of what their "leadership" has planned for their futures.
I would like to know who, besides the elected leaders of AMPI, are actually the official spokespeople for the organization. I'm only curious because I am an uninformed member getting this potentially important news below only from this unofficial site.
If an elected individual that represents me in a paid professional organization is contributing to the writing of law that affects me, and I am not being notified officially nor being asked to participate in some way on an advisory committee, then I feel unrepresented and somewhat concerned.
Is this how they did it in the so-called "enlightened" State of Sonora? Did the agents and brokers participate?

John K. Glaab, CIPS Comment by John K. Glaab, CIPS on February 15, 2010 at 10:44am
A message from John K. Glaab, CIPS to all members of Real Estate Professionals (Video) on Mexico-My Space!

Great New Leadership for AMPI in Baja California Sur ... John Haggerty in Los Cabos and Arq Eduardo Mendoza in La Paz. Eduardo went to the Section meeting in Los Cabos last week. ( along with John Glaaab, CIPS) The two Sections are working together to create a State-wide MLS system and Licensing for B.C.S. In D.F. at Presidents meeting, new National President Hector Obregon asked Sections to work with Regional Coordinators. Eduardo Mendoza has done this with his visit to the Los Cabos Section. The two Sections will have several joint projects this year.


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