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Charlotte Bohner and Gretchen Ellinger have launched a new real estate company, Sun Country México Real Estate, serving Puerto Peñasco - Rocky Point, Cholla Bay, Las Conchas, and coastal Sonora.  With over 30 years' combined experience in the real estate industry, Bohner and Ellinger bring expertise and optimism to the real estate market in Puerto Peñasco - Rocky Point. 

Licensed in both Arizona and Sonora, Bohner's early real estate career was in land parcel development and building.  With her husband Dave, she owned a construction company, and her expertise lay in finding land parcels for building development.  Many family vacations in Puerto Peñasco led to home ownership in the Mirador area of town, and to the local real estate industry with first Coldwell Banker, then with Century 21.

After a long career in government service, Ellinger retired to her Cholla Bay home  to operate a small bed and breakfast, but could not resist when the real estate opportunity presented itself.  Licensed in Sonora, Ellinger has operated an independent real estate office in Cholla Bay for the past 8 years, under both the Coldwell Banker and Century 21 banners.

When their Century 21 franchise recently relocated to Cancun, Ellinger and Bohner decided to combine forces and form their own real estate company.  Sun Country México Real Estate provides a full range of real estate services and retirement expertise, and clients can expect the high level of integrity and service for which both Ellinger and Bohner are known.  The main office, located in Cholla Bay, is staffed full-time, and can be reached at 638-382-5147 or 602-412-3311 from the USA.  Visit their website at



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Two of my very favorite people, tons of experience, honorable, reliable, conscientious.  As a fellow agent in the same market, a competitor in fact, I've gone to both for advice and inspiration - you guys are going to be great!  Congratulations on your new company!!!!


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