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Living in Los Cabos: First Quarter Market Report

Living in Los Cabos: First Quarter Market Report



Mark Twain said it best: “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.”


So many people told me they enjoyed the market report I put out at New Year’s that I thought a quarterly would be even better. And best…


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Home Stays in Cuernavaca, living with a local family during your visit

Living with a Mexican family can enhance your experience in Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico.  Whether on vacation, certifying with the International Guide Academy (Denver CO) or at one of the language school, this provides real life situations, not only in the language, but in the culture as well. This is open to all tourists, students and teachers. 

The author of this blog has personal experience with one of the language schools (A Spanish Language Institute) housing coordinators, Senoras…


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Three Kings' Day (Dia de los Santos Reyes) is celebrated in January and is the Feast of the Epiphany.  This day recalls the arrival in Bethlehem of the three wise men (reyes magos) each bearing a gift for the baby Jesus. This is the day of traditional gift-giving for children in Mexico. Rosca de Reyes, a crown-shaped sweet bread is decorated with candied fruits and has a small doll baked inside.  This bread is…


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The Space for Expatriates

A message to all members of Mexico-My Space…


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Cuernavaca is the Capital City of the State of Morelos, Mexico aka "City of Eternal Spring"

CUERNAVACA  is known worldwide as the “City of the Eternal Spring” due to its wonderful year-round climate.  With an estimated population of close to 1,000,000 permanent residents, this city for some, is one of the most beautiful and historic centers within Mexico.

The warm, year-round weather inspired the label as "City of Eternal Spring" from the German naturalist, Baron Alejandro von Humboldt, in the 19th century.

Cuernavaca is the Capital City of the State of…


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Best Time to Purchase a Home in Mexico

Is this the best time? 

I have seen many signs that it is. On our classified website,Mexico-My Space Classifieds I see bargains daily. I have seen many properties reduced in price. I have seen many properties that I would purchase tomorrow if my wife were not holding me back. Auite often, when I see a good deal, I will write to the Realtor and tell them what a great…


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BuyPlaya ‘Run for Ak Lu’um’ Draws Support of Riviera Maya Business Owners



With just a few days remaining before the BuyPlaya 5K Spring Race, organizers, parents and local business owners are kicking into high gear for this exciting annual fundraising event. On March 20 at 7:45am, participants will run, walk or stroll the 5 kilometer course leaving from the…


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A Brief History of Mexico

The following is a little bit from my book published in 2009

A Brief History of Mexico

Before Hernan Cortés, many civilizations rose and fell in the lands of what is now called Mexico. Mexicans are proud of their history and heritage and there can be little disagreement that they have a lot to be proud of.

Most historians believe that the first humans came to Mexico 20,000 years ago and they came here about 1,000 years after the first humans crossed…


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Special Announcement









Good Morning,

There is a New Auction site for all of Mexico. Place your auction in your city for local people to bid on.

The major retirement communities are listed. Bid on offerings in Ensenada or…


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Meet One of our Artists - Carolina Echeverria is no stranger to controversy



Carolina Echeverria is no stranger to controversy. Her past exhibits have always challenged the social norm. Carolina believes in the power of a woman to change the current of perception in today’s world. A stranger in a strange land, she has adapted to a new culture, but protected her true self from it at the same time. This delicate balance is seen in her paintings and displayed in her “Garments for Survival” – a series of metal dresses that combine delicate feminism with…


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Living in Los Cabos: Springing Forward, Sort of

Living in Los Cabos: Springing Forward, Sort of


Up in the States they’ll be turning their clocks ahead one hour this weekend. Mexico might, too. Or might not. And Canada will abstain from changing anything just now. Just when you thought things were confusing enough, here’s the…


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Cuernavaca, why I chose to live here.

I first began looking to purchase a home in Mexico in 1985.  20+ years later I chose Cuernavaca.  After years of searching for just the right place I chose a non-coastal city.  A lot of things influenced me in choosing this city.

Some but not all of the deciding factors were actually getting a deed to the property vs. a “trust”, nearness to a major airport (I travel a lot), climate, people , things to do and price. 

Choosing Cuernavaca was initiated by my taking a Spanish…


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Buenos Aires - April 12-27

I'm looking or 1-2 persons to share a lovely apartment for two weeks at the best time of year there.   The neighborhood is Palermo, which is very up-scale.  The web-site for a two-bedroom is:…


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What’s a Root Canal Got to Do with Living Better at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

A root canal, a post and a cap recently cost an American lady living in Ajijic less than four hundred dollars.  She felt very lucky because she was sure this same procedure would have cost her two thousand dollars in the States.

Just another reason to live in Mexico! You can afford to see the dentist even if you don’t have any insurance.

So, if you need a lot of dental work done it’s very possible for you to save thousands of dollars…


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Utility and Internet Costs at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Remember the old expression “Now Your Cooking with Gas”? Well that’s just what we do here everyday. We also heat water, dry our clothes and on rare occasion take the chill off of our homes on the few cold nights here. Some folks who don’t use solar also heat their pools with gas.

When I say gas I mean propane gas, not natural gas. Pictured is a typical propane tank.

Most couples find that their gas costs approx $25 USD per month on…


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How to Protect Your Home at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico

Hi, my name is Sid Grosvenor and I was a police officer in Dallas for 35 years and was a Commander over 4 Dallas Police Store Front Mini stations. One of our primary responsibilities at the storefronts, usually located in high crime areas, was to help the residents to protect their homes from all types of crime.

I will give you the basics in this post of how to improve security of your home at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico, but the information can basically be applied to almost any…


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Medical Facilities and Training at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico

Yes, we have modern hospitals, complete with sophisticated technology and highly skilled medical professionals both at Lake Chapala and nearby Guadalajara.

These medical facilities provide good quality care, on par, or according to some retirees “superior” care  compared to that in the United States.…


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How to Bring Your Car Into Mexico

So, you want to bring your car into Mexico. Here’s How !

Every foreigner is allowed to enter Mexico with a vehicle, which is not Mexican plated (e.g. US or Canadian), as long as you have the following:

1) Mexican Insurance,

2) FMT (Tourist Visa), FM2 or FM3,

registration/ownership in your name, and

3) a credit card or cash to cover a bond for the vehicle.

The Mexican government will charge your credit card for approx. $40 (costs subject to change),…


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Never Stop Learning, Keep “The Old Timer’s Disease” under control… Read a Book, Play a Game of Scrabble, Dance a Gig, Watch a Movie or Find a New Friend over a cup of Coffee that rivals Starbucks!

Where Can you do all of these things almost for free ?

All of this and much much more are waiting for you at the Lake Chapala Society located at beautiful Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Misc Shots for DVD photo video 001

The Main Entrance on Constitucion

The name sounds a bit…


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Mexcala Island: Land of Warriors

Long ago, but not far away, four hundred Nahuatl Indian warriors held off and repelled four thousand Spaniards for four years. Their tale is one of fearless, exhaustive innovation toward maintaining their remote speck of land, positioned in the middle of Lake Chapala. This marvelous piece of Mexican real estate, Mexcala Island, awaits its rightful recognition in the annals of Mexican history, for it tells a story of determination, rather than one of conquest.



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