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Casa Machaya Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast Receives Highest Award from Tripadvisor

Thank you to all our guests who have stayed with us at Casa Machaya.  Because of you we have received the highest achievement award possible, the Tripadvisor 5-star Certificate of Excellence for 2012.  We keep striving to provide value-added service, so it's nice with our efforts pay off and…


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A Trip to the Fish Market in Playa del Carmen

One of the best things about living in a beach community is FRESH SEAFOOD! 

 El Pirata Pescaderia y Cockteleria

There are are many wonderful restaurants that serve seafood prepared in almost any style imaginable in Playa del Carmen, but if you want the fresh catch of the day to cook at home a great place to check out is El Pirata.

Playa del Carmen on 40th between 10th and 5th


There is dining area if you aren't up to the task of preparing your own meal.  The restaurant side or cockteleriais clean, always full…


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IRS Announces Efforts to Help U.S. Citizens in Mexico, Including Dual Citizens and Those with Foreign Retirement Plans

Read More about the new IRS Program here. 

We can help you prepare past returns and FBARs and enter the New program described in…


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Living in Los Cabos: Cost of Groceries 2012

Living in Los Cabos: Cost of Groceries


Well, I’ve got some grocery receipts ready, so let’s continue on the cost of living discussion. Remember, once you’re here for more than a vacation you won’t be eating out every single meal. That’s the biggest source of misconception about how affordable life in…


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FBAR (TDF 90-22.1) Form due to IRS on 6/29/12 or you risk hugh penalties for non filing or late filing

The report of your foreign bank accounts, foreign stock brokerage accounts, foreign deposits, foreign life insurance cash surrender value, etc. that you own or sign on (even though you do not own it) is due on 6/30/12.  

To read more about how to file on line and the potentially enormous penalties read our blog at …


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Living in Los Cabos: Staying Connected

Living in Los Cabos: Staying Connected


OK, today’s “Moving to Cabo” question is about the costs needed to be put into the budget for communications such as cell phones and internet. Hmm… here goes….





The most common internet provider in Cabo is Telmex,…


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While most of the world uses Centigrade not Fahrenheit when referring to the temperature of things and when using distance measures in meters and kilometers and reference to weight is in kilos not pounds or the British “stones” (14 pounds is the equivalent of one pound), those of you not familiar with Centigrade, meters and kilos might be aided with the following.


Using Centigrade 100 degrees is boiling and 0 degrees is freezing.  A little ditty might help…


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Living in Los Cabos: The Dog Ate It

Living in Los Cabos: The Dog Ate It

Well, actually not. But I always wanted to use the excuse that the dog ate my homework. Actually what happened is that Erika The Efficient, who has never thrown anything of mine out, threw out the grocery receipts I was saving to use doing a cost of living blog. So it will…


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Book Review "Plants in the Mayan Culture" by Svetlana Aleksandroff

Plants in the Mayan Culture: Traditional Remedies, Food and Art,by Svetlana Aleksandroff is a beautifully informative book with incredible photography. This guide to local flora is illustrated with over 1,000 photos that are so artfully and naturally done it makes each plant species easily identifiable in the field. More than 70 plant species are identified along with fascinating insights into the intricate relationship between nature and culture. Well researched and artfully…


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Mexican Trade News






June 2012 , Volume 4, Alert 9




  Mexico is invited to join the   Transpacific…


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A Photo Tour of 4 of Playa del Carmen's Hottest Beach Clubs

Playa del Carmen's main attraction is, of course, the beach. There is no better way to enjoy a day at the beach than relaxing at one of the many beach clubs Playa del Carmen has to offer.  Here's a peek at 4 of Playa's most popular beach clubs.


Wah Wah Beach Club is located at Calle 2 and the beach.  A great place to watch the game, hang out on the beach, eat brick oven pizza, drink margaritas and dance to live music. Wah Wah's has it all.…

Wah Wah Beach Club Playa del Carmen


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Mexico to Host International Tourism Event

Mexico to host International Tourism  event: Taleb  Rital, Secretary General of the World Tourism Association WTO) has announced that Mexico will be host for the  the ninety fourth WTO meeting. Campeche will be the site of the sessions.  The announcement was made in Madrid, Spain where Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo was attending the ninety third meeting of WTO. She said, “Mexico offers a variety or attractions. These include archeological zones, colonial cities,…


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At Your Door Services in Playa del Carmen

The quality of life that we experience living in Mexico

makes up for any culture shock we may occasionally experience.  The home and personal services available in Mexico are very affordable and go a long way to helping us adapt a carefree beach living attitude! Coming from a do-it-yourself culture, land of

self-check outs and self-service gas stations, to Playa del Carmen may…


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Pinterest | A Field of Dreams


The Pinterest Field of Dreams 

If you build it, will they come? That’s the big question and I have been trying to answer it in a positive way by my actions.



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Congratulations Loreto

Loreto desde hoy Pueblo Magico:  All is ready for the celebration, according to Gilberto Amador Davis, the President of the Pueblo Magico committee. There will be traditional music, dancing, food and local artisans will have their wares for sale. Located in the state of Baja California Sur, Loreto was the Capital of Lower California. It was founded in 1697. Congratulations Loreto.…


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[Photo Blog] Far Off the Beaten Path in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Puerto Morelos is a small, sleepy, seaside town between Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  This adorable beach town has some wonderful restaurants, many shops with Mexican Handcrafts, an incredibly wide, white sand beach with warm shallow water that is very safe for children or non-swimmers and a fabulous bookstore with English language new & used books,…


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The Guelaguetza in Oaxaca: Hisorical Background and Contemporary Manifestations

Here's a new article about Oaxaca's Guelaguetza, one of Mexico's most colorful celebrations.  The article chronicles the historical background, contemporary manifestations, and details of the 2012 festival including ancillary activities:

Alvin Starkman - Casa Machaya Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast (…


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Mezcal from Michoacán as Distinguished from its Oaxacan Counterpart: Don Mateo de la Sierra

The means of production of mezcal in Michoacán are decidedly different from those employed in Oaxaca, inevitably producing differences in flavor nuances:

Alvin Starkman:  Casa Machaya Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast (

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Ex-Pat and Snow-bird; Costs to Consider

The first thing to consider when thinking about moving to Playa del Carmen or making plans to winter in the Riviera Maya is what type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy.  Are you considering living in a hippy community in the jungle off the grid, a gala beach house with pool and garden, a modest condo in town, or a typical small family house in a Mexican neighborhood?  There is a lifestyle for every budget in Playa del Carmen, but only you know what your budget is.  To help you determine…


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Los Cabos is Ready

Los Cabos declared ready for the G-20: Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara Marzo was in Cabo San Lucas and San José, this week. She was there to review planning for the upcoming G-20 Summit with special attention to the new International Conference Center in San Jose del Cabo. Following a tour and meetings with members of the business community and all three levels of government she pronounced, “ All is ready” She praised all who were involved in the process and had the…


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