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September Madness-Tablet Wars

Hello to ALL,

September is going to be a very exciting month. On September 6 Amazon will probably be announcing their new Kindle Fire. Additionally, sometimes in September Apple should be announcing the new 7 inch iPad. Google has already come out with it's 7 inch Nexus Tablet. They call it the Kindle Fire Killer.

When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire eBook sales doubled over night. Now all three of these heavy weights are coming to market…


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What’s a Root Canal Got to Do with Living Better at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

A root canal, a post and a cap recently cost an American lady living in Ajijic less than four hundred dollars.  She felt very lucky because she was sure this same procedure would have cost her two thousand dollars in the States.

Just another reason to live in Mexico! You can afford to see the dentist even if you don’t have any insurance.

So, if you need a lot of dental work done it’s very possible for you to save thousands of dollars…


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Utility and Internet Costs at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Remember the old expression “Now Your Cooking with Gas”? Well that’s just what we do here everyday. We also heat water, dry our clothes and on rare occasion take the chill off of our homes on the few cold nights here. Some folks who don’t use solar also heat their pools with gas.

When I say gas I mean propane gas, not natural gas. Pictured is a typical propane tank.

Most couples find that their gas costs approx $25 USD per month on…


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How to Protect Your Home at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico

Hi, my name is Sid Grosvenor and I was a police officer in Dallas for 35 years and was a Commander over 4 Dallas Police Store Front Mini stations. One of our primary responsibilities at the storefronts, usually located in high crime areas, was to help the residents to protect their homes from all types of crime.

I will give you the basics in this post of how to improve security of your home at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico, but the information can basically be applied to almost any…


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Medical Facilities and Training at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico

Yes, we have modern hospitals, complete with sophisticated technology and highly skilled medical professionals both at Lake Chapala and nearby Guadalajara.

These medical facilities provide good quality care, on par, or according to some retirees “superior” care  compared to that in the United States.…


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How to Bring Your Car Into Mexico

So, you want to bring your car into Mexico. Here’s How !

Every foreigner is allowed to enter Mexico with a vehicle, which is not Mexican plated (e.g. US or Canadian), as long as you have the following:

1) Mexican Insurance,

2) FMT (Tourist Visa), FM2 or FM3,

registration/ownership in your name, and

3) a credit card or cash to cover a bond for the vehicle.

The Mexican government will charge your credit card for approx. $40 (costs subject to change),…


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Never Stop Learning, Keep “The Old Timer’s Disease” under control… Read a Book, Play a Game of Scrabble, Dance a Gig, Watch a Movie or Find a New Friend over a cup of Coffee that rivals Starbucks!

Where Can you do all of these things almost for free ?

All of this and much much more are waiting for you at the Lake Chapala Society located at beautiful Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Misc Shots for DVD photo video 001

The Main Entrance on Constitucion

The name sounds a bit…


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Mexcala Island: Land of Warriors

Long ago, but not far away, four hundred Nahuatl Indian warriors held off and repelled four thousand Spaniards for four years. Their tale is one of fearless, exhaustive innovation toward maintaining their remote speck of land, positioned in the middle of Lake Chapala. This marvelous piece of Mexican real estate, Mexcala Island, awaits its rightful recognition in the annals of Mexican history, for it tells a story of determination, rather than one of conquest.



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How to Live an Abundant Lifestyle at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico

Hi Everyone, I recently was reading a blog by a guy that is extremely rich… but from what I’ve learned about him he values much more than just consistently earning big bucks.

I’ve become a fan of his I guess because I feel so in tune with his ideas. Now, I don’t have anywhere near his material wealth, but we each have the abundance mind set.

We’re in good company too. The abundance mindset is employed by very…


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Cost of Living at Lake Chapala Mexico

The following is an e mail received from a client of Sid (The Lake Chapala information Guy) regarding his personal experience relating to the cost of living at Lake Chapala Mexico

“El Sid,

Now that we have been here 7 plus months and the initial expenses are behind us, I did a financial analysis on the cost of living here vs south eastern PA.

Of course everyone’s experience will be different depending on where they came from and their life style not only there but here…… Continue

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Hot Babe Fairy Dust at Lake Chapala

By Kristina Morgan

Those of you who have read my past articles have read about the bromide

here, a mineral in the volcanic basin of the lake that evaporates into

the air. I call it our Happy Gas. But unless you live here you may not

know about what I call the Hot Babe Fairy Dust, a phenomenon that

occurs at Lake Chapala.

I feel like living in the Lake Chapala area has… Continue

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Lake Chapala VS Hawaii: Paradise without the high price tag

By Kristina Morgan

What could be better than Hawaii

with its beautiful scenery, waterfalls, ocean views and native culture?

It may be surprising…

Added by Kristina Morgan on February 5, 2010 at 11:00am — 4 Comments

Surprising Facts about Mexico

Kristina Morgan

It still amazes me how much the people talk about why they moved to Lake Chapala. I think it’s a topic in just about every conversation I have ever had since moving to Mexico in 1993. Most of us are still thankful that we found this wonderful community and even though it is well-established it is still very open and very friendly to newcomers. Despite the simple, peaceful life we lead here at Lake Chapala with the… Continue

Added by Kristina Morgan on January 8, 2010 at 9:14pm — 3 Comments

Medical Tourism – Coming to Ajijic- Chapala- Guadalajara

Medical Tourism – Coming to Ajijic- Chapala- Guadalajara

Open House: In November 2009 we, along with many other Expats from Ajijic, attended an open house at the new Puerta de Hierro Sur, 50 bed, state of the art, Hospital on Hwy. 54, just south of the Periferico (the southern ring road of Guadalajara).

It is the sister Hospital to the 100 bed approximately five year old one built in north west Guadalajara, across from the new, high end Andares Shopping Mall on… Continue

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Las Posadas in Lake Chapala a Rich Tradition

by Kristina Morgan,

The posadas at Christmas time are a vibrant Mexican tradition that involves the whole neighborhood

“Shhhh….Ellos vienen!”

We’re hiding inside the house and Maria shuts the door tightly as we try to contain our laughter as if we were waiting for the guest of honor at a surprise party. We’re shushing everyone and telling the children to… Continue

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My First Christmas in Mexico

Pictured is my daughter, Lily.

My first Christmas in Mexico has set the tone for the dozen that have since followed.

As newlyweds our first year in Mexico, we were very, very strapped for cash. We had come to Mexico on our honeymoon with my then two-year-old daughter and were staying at my aunt’s ranch in Zacatecas. Joel, my husband, worked "under the table" as a mechanic to make a little cash. And I worked at “home” in our 19’… Continue

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Lake Chapala’s Micro Climate

The three mountain ranges separating Lake Chapala from Guadalajara and the lake with its cool breezes makes this a paradise for those of us who live here in 74 degree average temps year ‘round. National Geographic rated it as the second best climate in the WORLD, after Nairobi, Kenya.

If you’ve read anything at all about the Lake Chapala area, word about the micro-climate has surely popped up more than once. Guadalajara calls itself the ‘Land of… Continue

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Retirement- What Will You Do ??

Retirement- What Will You Do ??

In the Ajijic - Chapala Area- Your options are almost endless –

very much because of the :

The Lake Chapala Society

There are many questions to ask in planning ones retirement. Location seems to be one that consumes much of the press- sun, surf, sand, weather and cost of living. The question that we always suggest clients ask themselves before relocating and retiring is “consider what you want to do in your…

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Ajijic, Mexico-An Evening at the Opera, and more….

Jalisco- Cultural Exchange Month-June, 2009

An annual event, with 2009 being an exchange featuring Japan, There are many events- some free, others reasonable. We decided to incorporate our night at the Opera into a mini holiday- a light lunch at Talento a superb Thai restaurant.

The Opera (Madame Butterfly) starred marvelous and beautiful Russian Soprano Svetlana Ignatovich. Conducting the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra was Johannes Wildner from… Continue

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