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Let the Buyer Beware of Timeshares

The Hostages of Timeshare Resorts: Release The Hostages

Book Title:The Hostages of Timeshare Terrorism

We are still in the tourist season so for that reason I'm making my book "The Hostages of Timeshare Terrorism," for 99 cents starting Thursday, March 2nd and ending March 7th. There's a special chapter on Mexico. It will show you the agencies you should go to for help. .Make sure you take advantage of this discount  That's almost FREE.…


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How safe is where you live?

Safety Index in Mexico and other countries

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Living in Los Cabos: Punta Arena F-1


Here’s a brief video of a new listing that would be perfect for someone moving to Cabo as well as a vacation home.


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Carol Billups is Broker/Owner of Cabo Realty Pros. She has enjoyed working with both buyers and sellers for over thirteen years and still thinks hers is the best job on earth.…


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Living in Los Cabos: Tis the Season…. For Chocolate


People sometimes ask “Don’t you miss the changing of the seasons?” No, I don’t miss COLD at all! And besides, we have plenty of seasons here in Cabo San Lucas. Obviously we have high season, windy season, turtle season and whale season (we won’t mention hurricane season just yet). And we’ve got Chocolate…


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Living in Los Cabos: 10 Reasons to Cabo NOW

Facebook is breaking my heart. On one hand I see wonderful postings about how every man, woman and child is working their buns off in the clean-up/recovery effort and what great strides they…


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Living in Los Cabos: Are We Confused Yet?

Yikes what a day! I’ve been working the phones trying to find the earliest flight home and it’s a mad-house. None of the airlines seem to be taking reservations yet, but they all have a different idea of when the airport will re-open. It’s taken all day to compile this, and I figure there may be someone else who needs the info, too, so I might as well post it. I plan on checking daily… it will be interesting to see how it…


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Living in Los Cabos: Lessons Learned After the Worst

We were prepared for a storm, not a natural disaster. As anyone reading this probably knows Cabo was trashed on Sunday night, September 15, 2014, by Hurricane Odile. On Saturday we went to bed with the prediction of a near miss by a Category 1 hurricane. When we woke up on Sunday the prediction had been changed: a direct hit by a Category 4. By that time there was really not much to do but maybe buy more food and stress.…


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Living in Los Cabos: Stormy Weather Part 3


There’s no doubt about it. Getting ready for and actually making it through the storm are a lot easier than living with the after-math. Now is when we need to address the damage.


Obviously the first priority is any injuries; that must be the first focus. The reason you got…


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Living in Los Cabos: Stormy Weather Part 2


Water! How could I have forgotten that? Going back to ‘before’ stuff for a moment: you’ll want to stock up on drinking water. Big Time. First of all, the aqueduct will break. It always does, but we never know how long it will take to fix. So stock up. While you’re at it, get paper plates so…


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Living in Los Cabos: Stormy Weather


After all these many years I do not ever recall being up to N on the hurricane names before it’s even September! YIKES! So I figure a few words on storm season are in order. I think we’ll deal with Before/During/After. Frankly the Before and Afters are the most important.


Most of the…


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Living in Los Cabos: Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys


I love that phrase going around on Facebook. And it perfectly describes what I’m going through selling Casa OZ.


Casa OZ is the most screaming hot deal in Pedregal right now, and the agents who have seen it all agree it’s a bargain. The main house has three bedrooms and 3…


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Living in Los Cabos: Cutting Your Cost of Living


As promised, we’re back on topic with the cost of living in Cabo. Recently I posted the prices of many commodities at the supermarket. For some time now my shopping habits have been dictated not so much by value as time. I need to get in and out as quickly as possible. But if you have the luxury…


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Living in Los Cabos: We Interrupt This Topic

We were discussing the cost of living, and we will go back to it. The last post was the cost of groceries in the store, next we’re going to talk some strategies to cut that pretty dramatically. But in the meantime I got sucked into a Facebook discussion about whether to rent or buy if you’re moving to Cabo. And I think what I have to say may be important to someone out there.

First, obviously I *AM* biased. My work is to sell houses, not rent them. So of course I’d rather see…


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Living in Los Cabos: The cost of groceries 2014


Believe it or not, this is the most popular and most heavily read topic on my blog. But it certainly is not the most exciting to write. But, it’s time for an update. So anyway, here are some prices taken from my recent grocery receipts. Most are from MEGA in Cabo San Lucas, with some Costco thrown…


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Living in Los Cabos: Tipping Survey 2014


OK, it’s official. I am a tight-wad. Yesterday I put a survey up on Facebook about tipping in Cabo. A lot of the 99 responses were from the Caboholic Support Group, so we need to start with a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to take the survey. Now, as promised, here are the results which will…


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If you have combined highest balances in foreign bank accounts, financial accounts, including accounts not owned by you but on which you sign, you must file an FBAR each year or incur a $10,000 per year penalty for failure to file. The Banks in Mexico will this year start reporting that information to the IRS who will then match it against filed FBARs and start assessing those penalties.  We recommend you begin filing immediately and look into filing for past unfiled years.



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Living in Los Cabos: Choosing Your Realtor


This morning someone started a thread on a popular group about Cabo on Facebook. Her question was ‘who is the best realtor to work with in Cabo?’ Reading the suggestions (and thanks to those who nominated me) I realized that very few people know what to look for in a realtor. And trust me: the nice guy…


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Master of the Diminutive: Folk Artist From Miahuatlán Oaxaca Miguel Ángel Martínez Reyes

Here's my latest artist about a talented young minuatures artist from Oaxaca, who deserves greater exposure:


Alvin Starkman - Mezcal Educational…


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Mexico + Health Care, Top 5!

Big news for health care in North America. According to International Living, Mexico is in the top 5 countries for health care, in the World.

Public health care in Mexico dates back to 1791 when the first large-scale hospital in Mexico was built. Hospicio Cabanas in Guadalajara is now a Unesco protected World Heritage Site.

Fast forward to 2009. In response to Mexico's handling of the notorious swine flu pandemic, the Director of the WHO (World Health Organization) had…


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Living in Los Cabos: Trust Me!


Several people have suggested I update the blog with more on the basics; as the blog grows it’s getting harder to find the very important information on how we own property in Mexico safely. And especially in light of the recent news I figure there is no better time to re-visit the topic of Fideicomisos, or trusts.



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